PARALUTION is a library that enables you to perform various sparse iterative solvers and preconditioners on multi/many-core CPU and GPU devices. Based on C++, it provides a generic and flexible design that allows seamless integration with other scientific software packages.




PARALUTION contains Krylov subspace solvers (CR, CG, BiCGStab, GMRES, IDR), Multigrid (GMG, AMG), Deflated PCG, Fixed-point iteration schemes, Mixed-precision schemes and fine-grained parallel preconditioners based on splitting, ILU factorization with levels, multi-elimination ILU factorization, additive Schwarz and approximate inverse.


[Multi-platform Support]

The library can be compiled under Linux/Unix-like , Windows and Mac OS. PARALUTION provides multi-core CPU/Host (OpenMP), NVIDIA GPU (CUDA, OpenCL), AMD GPU (OpenCL), Intel Xeon Phi/MIC (OpenCL, OpenMP/offload mode) support, including VS (Visual Studio) gcc (GNU C++) and icc (Intel C++) compilers.


[Open Source]

The PARALUTION library is FREE. The software is released under GPL v3 and the all documents are under Creative Commons licenses. Please visit our License page for more details.

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3 Creative Commons License