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    I tried to test my paralution installation but all attempts fail. I tried e.g. cg on symmetric matrices like gr_30_30.mtx

    ~/OpenFOAM/klaus-5.0/paralution-1.1.0/build/bin $ ./cg gr_30_30.mtx
    This version of PARALUTION is released under GPL.
    By downloading this package you fully agree with the GPL license.
    Number of CPU cores: 8
    Host thread affinity policy – thread mapping on every core
    PARALUTION ver B1.1.0
    PARALUTION platform is initialized
    Accelerator backend: None
    OpenMP threads:8
    ReadFileMTX: filename=gr_30_30.mtx; reading…
    ReadFileMTX: invalid matrix market banner
    ReadFileMTX: failed to read matrix gr_30_30.mtx
    Fatal error – the program will be terminated
    File: /home/klaus/OpenFOAM/klaus-5.0/paralution-1.1.0/src/base/host/host_matrix_coo.cpp; line: 347

    What’s the problem?

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