backend_gpu.hpp File Reference
#include "../backend_manager.hpp"
#include <iostream>

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Data Structures

class  paralution::AcceleratorVector< ValueType >
class  paralution::AcceleratorMatrix< ValueType >
class  paralution::HostMatrix< ValueType >




bool paralution::paralution_init_gpu ()
 Initialize a GPU (CUDA, CUBLAS, CUSPARSE) More...
void paralution::paralution_stop_gpu ()
 Release the GPU resources (CUDA, CUBLAS, CUSPARSE) More...
void paralution::paralution_info_gpu (const struct Paralution_Backend_Descriptor)
 Print information about the GPUs in the systems. More...
void paralution::paralution_gpu_sync (void)
 Sync the device (for async transfers) More...
template<typename ValueType >
AcceleratorVector< ValueType > * paralution::_paralution_init_base_gpu_vector (const struct Paralution_Backend_Descriptor backend_descriptor)
 Build (and return) a vector on GPU. More...
template<typename ValueType >
AcceleratorMatrix< ValueType > * paralution::_paralution_init_base_gpu_matrix (const struct Paralution_Backend_Descriptor backend_descriptor, const unsigned int matrix_format)
 Build (and return) a matrix on GPU. More...